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"Every painting
I create creates me.
I paint so that I may
know who I am.”
- pisano​
Filomena PISANO — Centodue The Journey Continues
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Where Passion Meets Devotion


Although I had dreamed of being an artist since I was five, I didn’t start my journey until I turned 56. 


I was inspired by comedian Patton Oswalt’s story, “102 Days of Grief”, written following the unexpected death of his wife, in which he wrote, “If you spend 102 days completely focused on ONE thing you can achieve miracles,” 


I decided to embark on a challenge that changed my life.


I shut down many personal and professional activities and devotedly went into 102 days of art-making. The experience evoked a depth and scope of inner exploration. After 102 days, I kept on going. Now I’m halfway through my fifth year—over 2,000 days.

In creating my art I use broken plates and glass. I turn what would be thrown out into art that might be cherished. These broken pieces represent our broken selves.  Leonard Cohen said; "There is a crack in everything that's how the light gets in." How many of us who are broken forget to live? I titled one of my early pieces “Viva la Vita”, which translated means Live Life.


I live life to the fullest, in the beautiful town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. I paint daily spending weekends with my husband—my biggest supporter—along with our children, and our grandchildren.

In the solitude of my studio I make painting my life practice. It is my spiritual path. My place of being.


My Camelot.

Pisano Artista

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